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Reefer Cargo

Reefer Cargo

TRANSVJ reefer containers are customised containers used to transport temperature-sensitive commodities at controlled low temperatures. The container type, designed to function as a huge refrigerator, can typically sustain a temperature range of -30°C to +30°C. As a result, you may easily transport frozen, chilled, or cold items using a reefer container.

Reefer containers were critical during the Covid-19 crisis. As the countries went into lockdown, Reefer containers allowed food, medicines, and vaccinations to be shipped wherever they were needed. Reefers are unquestionably one of the most critical container types available, having been designed to transport such temperature-sensitive commodities.

Reefer cargo types handled by TRANSVJ:

Reefer General Cargo
Reefer Haz/DG cargo

Our reefer containers are equipped with temperature control systems that allow for precise regulation of the internal temperature. This helps to maintain the quality, freshness, and safety of perishable goods during transportation.

Our reefer cargos are used for a wide range of perishable goods, from fresh produce to frozen food, and from pharmaceuticals to flowers.

Cost-effective than other methods of transporting perishable goods, such as air freight. Reefer containers can be loaded and unloaded quickly, reducing the time and labor costs associated with handling perishable goods.

By controlling the temperature of perishable goods during transportation, the shelf life of the products is increased, reducing spoilage and waste.

Our reefer containers can be easily loaded and unloaded onto ships, trains, and trucks, allowing for efficient and flexible logistics planning.

Help to maintain the safety of perishable goods, as they are designed to prevent contamination and maintain proper temperature control throughout the journey.

We offer both general, HAZ cargo and empty tanks shipments from USA to all ports of INDIA.


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